Exclusive Benefits

We offer a number of unique products and services that not only greatly simplify the arrangement process, but also provide a new level of support for families in the weeks and months following the service. Below are the Exclusive Benefits you will receive simply because you have chosen Bailey & Cox Funeral Home, to serve your family. They are designed to provide you with additional support for the business and emotional issues that will develop in the weeks and months to come. You may not recognize the importance of these benefits right now. But both our experience and feedback from our families verify they will be very useful and supportive for you.

Child/Grandchild Protection

Families, who qualify through the purchase of one of our all-inclusive packages, extend to their children and grandchildren, under the age of 21 and living at home, the benefit of a funeral or cremation service equal in value to the purchased plan in the untimely event of their death.

Everlasting Memorial Photo

We will include one free Everlasting Memories color photograph of your loved one with a special poem to be selected by the family. The family will be notified when the photo is complete.

Family Follow-Up Service

Every family that we serve is enrolled in our Stepping Stones Program. The sole purpose of this program is to help survivors resolve some of the practical matters that can be most daunting after the loss of a loved one. Our practice is to arrange for a time at your home within a day or two after the service to begin the process of bringing these practical matters to resolution with you.