Celebrant Services

Every Life Is Worth Remembering

Creating a Legacy One Story At a Time


What Are Families Choosing To Use Celebrants?:

  • Because Families are Looking for the Personal “Wow” Experience, Even in Funerals
  • The American Way of Death for a New Generation is to Make it Memorable
  • Because Celebrants Serve the Spiritual as well as the Religious
  • Because Celebrants can provide their expertise for any tribute such as an anniversary, tree planting, dedication or any other gathering designed to honor the deceased.


  • According to the American Religious Identification Survey, Americans who answer ‘none’ when asked to identify their religion numbered 29.4 million in 2001, more than double the 14.3 million in 1990. If ‘nones’ had their own state it would be second only to California.
  • 33% of Americans call themselves Spiritual But Not Religious (USA Today/Gallup Poll 1/07).
  • There are more people over the age of 65 in our population than teenagers. The number of Americans over 65 us expected to double by 2030 to 65 million; nine million will be over 85, compared with four million today.
  • Baby Boomers aging means a huge surge in the need for funerals. Life Expectancy in 2007 is 77.9 years.

What Are Certified Celebrants?:

  • Over 1200 individuals from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Trinidad & ┬áthe Philippines have been trained to provide unique, individualized services.
  • Certified Celebrants meet with the family for several hours to gather the stories and listen to the memories. The funeral experience is build around these services.
  • Certified Celebrants spend 10 to 15 hours preparing a Celebrant funeral experience and act as a partner with the funeral director to create a funeral or memorial service that fits the family and encourages healthy grieving.
  • Certified Celebrants are prepared to create a Life Tribute that fits the person who died and his/her family. These services are not only personalized but also individualized.
  • Certified Celebrants present funerals in parks, gardens, beaches, mountains, boats, homes, funeral home chapels.. wherever best meets the needs of the family.

Celebrant David H. Mejia

  • In-Sight Institute Certified Celebrant Since 2008
  • Grief Support Facilitator
  • Northwest Missouri Grief Seminar Committee Person
  • Former Local Pastor
  • Former Youth Pastor
  • Former St. Joseph School District Board of Education Member

Missouri’s First Certified Celebrant

David H. Mejia believes a well done funeral is an important and healing time for the grieving family. His mission is to provide a personalized, individualized funeral for every family he serves. Sharing a loved one’s story, creating connections with those in attendance and leaving a lasting impression is what makes a service unique, memorable and one that everyone will cherish.

What Families Have to Say:

David has officiated at two services for our family this year. He brought our family together and provided us with a wonderful lasting tribute to our loved ones and those in attendance. He has become part of our family.